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4 Reasons to Sell & Lease Back Your Property

When property owners seek liquidity, and ongoing business operations stability, often a great choice can be a sale lease back. In this type of transaction a property owner sells a building they occupy to an unrelated new owner/investor, while staying in place with a long term lease.

A sale leaseback can be beneficial because:

1. It can generate critical capital for the seller which could be used to pay down debt, financing a business expansion, or return cash proceeds to investors.

2. It permits the former building owner/seller to stay in place, operating seamlessly, just like they were before the sale.

3. A new long term lease (lease options are also possible) provides stability and definition of future occupancy expenses for the tenant and scheduled rental income for the new owner.

4. And, lease payments may be fully tax deductible, please consult your tax professional for full details.

If you would like to learn more about current market pricing in South Florida today, please feel free to contact us!

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