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SOLD! Perishable Property Owner in Miami Conducts Sale/Leaseback

Updated: Mar 1, 2022

5151 NW 165 Street Hialeah, Florida 33014 - Harvest Valley Foods

CHALLENGE: Lawrence Oxenberg along with his partner Jonathan Thiel were exclusively hired to procure a buyer for a perishable distribution property in Miami-Dade county Florida. Once informed about the increased interest in available cooler/freezer buildings, the Owner decided to take advantage of the very active commercial market for perishable properties, so they could retire. The Harvest Valley Foods property located at 5151 NW 165 Street Hialeah, Florida 33014, is 36,963sf, situated on 2.76 acres of land. The Owner also required a brief but flexible lease back of the property to facilitate a wind down of their distribution operations. An additional factor/challenge in the marketing of the property was that certain operational elements and building material conditions could cause the structure to be considered partially functionally obsolete.

ACTION: Lawrence Oxenberg and Jonathan Thiel quickly utilized their deep industry contacts in South Florida to generate strong interest from experienced and qualified purchasers. Lawrence and Jonathan also chose to preemptively address certain building condition related items of potential concern for buyers, and placed them in the context of scarce market conditions, strategically minimizing their impact on offers or negotiations. Multiple parties were invited and subsequently toured the property, several more than once, leading to a desired competitive transactional environment, with multiple offers to consider.

RESULT: In merely a few months, the property, was under contract with a locally sourced and transaction experienced buyer, who performed their due diligence and closed on the sale in a rapid fashion. The seller was able to achieve a sales price ($5,350,000.00) for their property that exceed their expectations, and their willingness to listen to the critical market information presented by Lawrence Oxenberg and Jonathan Thiel, and utilizing their negotiating advice, was instrumental in achieving their ultimately successful outcome.

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